Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Curled End, Locked Head Pin

Today's post will show you how to make the curled end locked eye pin loaded with  my STAEDTLER fimo beads made here in this post. . The next post will show how to complete the project. The previous post will show how to make the double locked head pins.

Cut a 5cm piece of 24 gauge silver wire and begin to tightly curl one end using the flat part of your three and one pliers.

Continue to curl the wire tightly until it's the size you want. Mine was about 1/3cm wide.

Bend the wire away from the curl at a 45 degree angle.

Load your selected beads onto the new head pin largest first. I started with a tiny Gutermann glass bead in silver because my fimo bead had a large hole and would have slipped over the curled head pin end.

finish the drop by creating a locked eye at the top of the wire using the instructions from the previous post.

I'll write about how I assembled the piece in the next post.

Halloween's only 34 days away!
Do you have any costume plans?

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