Monday, May 5, 2014


Maggs has taken over the garden this year. She's done away with the pallet garden we've been using for the past few years and has dug up a new one complete with wooden edging. So much work.
It's very cheerful to see the little sprouts coming up. She's got them on the dining room table so we can have a peek at them every time we pass by to go into the kitchen.

She's made room in the old bed by splitting up the chives and potting some for kitchen use.
I love her hand painted pots.

A shot of one of her trays of sprouts. There are peas and peppers and tomatoes and melon, carrots and radish. 

I think my favorite so far are these teensy little sweet basil sprouts. They're unbelievably tiny right now. Can't wait until they all go into the ground. It's all very exciting. We're lucky to have such a prolific gardener.