Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Found Again Fays.

I found an old disc loaded with pictures from classes I taught forever ago.
These are some of my very first Fairies.
They're at least ten years old I'd almost forgotten about them.

A little regal Celtic Fairy on her throne of twigs and berries. Mom still has this one in her corner cabinet. She was my very first pose able Fairy doll. She has a wrapped wire armature and Fimo head, hands and feet. Her pinny is made from a fine hanky.

I made a mold of this one and I never did get a picture of her wings on.
I still have a few molds of her in the studio. We used the molds to make many faces and help students learn to paint details. We made brooches from them after.

A rare blue Fairy with wool roving hair and a hanky dress.

Do you have any of these done long ago project pictures hiding in your stash?
I love to peek in at them once and a while. It tweaks my memory and I rediscover old techniques and ideas to hopefully create new things.
Hope you liked meeting the girls.