Sunday, December 2, 2012


I made some Bon Bons from STAEDTLER fimo a while back and wanted to share how I made them with anyone who might need some pretend candy lying around. Beware though.... these look delicious and I had more than one passer by try to eat them. I glued mine firmly to the paper and glued the paper into the box so there would be no scarfing of the very real looking clay chocolates.

I used a core of Styrofoam wrapped in a sealed sheet of tin foil as a base. It's very important that the Styrofoam never touches the clay directly. It's also important not to overheat the Styrofoam core. When Styrofoam is overheated, toxic fumes are created. Please ventilate well and watch both your baking time and temperatures. I'm not too worried about under baking the clay because it's being glued into the package and won't be handled very much.

I made a bunch of different shapes. some are wine corks cut in half and covered in tin foil. If you're worried about the fumes it might be advisable to use scrunched up tinfoil as a core instead of the foam. It's a bit harder to shape but might do the trick more safely. Maybe a core of STAEDTLER fimo air dry clay would work. Make sure every shape is covered completely and the surfaces are a smooth as possible.

Make a flat sheet approximately 1/16 inch thick, of whatever brown chocolaty coloured clay you'd like. I used STAEDTLER fimo soft #75 chocolate. Cover the top of each shape with the sheet of clay and smooth the clay eliminating any trapped air between the shapes and the clay.

Make another sheet if clay and place each shape onto the sheet cutting around the shapes to create a bottom. Smooth the seam where the two clay sheets meet with your finger tips.

I used a wet wipe to get rid of any seams and finger prints.

I made a curly worm of clay for the top of this candy. After the candies are all smooth and look the way you want them to look. Bake them in a preheated 220 degree oven for only 15 minutes. Remember not to over heat or overcook these if you are using a Styrofoam core. The fumes are toxic! Watch your time closely and use an oven thermometer to make sure you don't go over temp.

This candy got a worm made of STAEDTLER fimo soft #70 sahara. It really does look like white chocolate.

This bon bon is made using STAEDTLER fimo soft colour #7 caramel with a worm of #75 chocolate on top.

Some of the candies got a worm of clay before I wrapped them in their mock chocolate sheet. This gave texture without that icing look.

They really do look like delicious bon bons.

What do you think? Believable?