Saturday, June 11, 2016

Air Dry Clay Hand Prints

We used some STAEDTLER Fimo Air Dry Clay to make these fun hand print keepsakes.


Lily really enjoyed pushing into the clay. We flattened the clay to about a cm thick and used a clay use cookie cutter to cut out scalloped circles. Then we had Lily push her hand onto each shape. We used a straw to cut a hole in each shape for hanging later. We let the discs dry overnight and then flipped them to dry another day.

Lily sure did enjoy squishing up the clay!

We'll definitely have to make more clay projects with the Lily Beast in the future.

Lily loves making things with Grandma, and Grandma loves it too!

Now all fifteen hand print tiles are off to Lily's house so she can paint them. Can't wait to see what colour she chooses for mine!