Sunday, October 18, 2015

WitchiPoo, Jimmy and Freddy the Flute from HR Puff N Stuff

James and I chose to be Witchipoo and Jimmy with Freddy the Flute for Halloween this year. James made Freddy the flute while I was a floor down sewing. He used a single piece of glitter foam and the hot glue gun. A fantastic job! His costume was a yellow, large collared shirt, brown pants and a belt and a mop wig.

 I wanted to share the prosthetic process with you.
 I do also want to mention that if you ever really want to mortify yourself and take your ego down a notch then take some pictures for a make up tutorial. Jeeze Louise! This is why you don't regularly see many pics of me on the blog.....
So...... here goes! 
Hope this helps  you Halloweenies!

I started with a clean dry face. It helps the spirit gum and liquid latex to stick if you get rid of the surface oils on your skin. Oh, it's very important to test the products on your inner arm (or some place sensitive and out of sight) just to make sure your not sensitive to the products. I used the spirit gum to glue a cotton ball to the end of my nose and my chin. (I walked around the house like this for a bit just for shits and giggles.

I gave the cotton a coat of liquid latex. It's important to use a soft paintbrush that you don't mind pitching.There is NO WAY you will ever get the latex out of the brush after. I keep the brush in the latex pot when I'm not using it so it doesn't dry out as I use it. A wet with latex brush won't stick to the cotton, but a dry one will.

I dried the latex with a hair dryer and applied two more coats, drying between coats.I added single layers of loo roll (toilet paper) torn on the edges to the top layer.

Here's the work shaped and drying. Don't try to rush this by using the hottest setting. You'll end up burning your skin. Slow and steady! Be careful!

I painted on some opaque foundation and let it dry. 

Next I brushed on a very small bit of green mineral powder. Witchipoo is a wee bit green. It's subtle. I set the whole thing by dusting it with cornstarch.

I sketched in the eye shapes with a grey liner pencil and filled the eyes in with white cream makeup.

This is cream eyeliner that you apply with a brush. It won't smudge or bleed until you take it off with remover. I have those pesky wrinkle things and have to be careful of makeup bleeding when I smile. And I smile a whole lot!   :D

I added the rosy cheeks and a tiny blush to the nose and chin.

This was the hardest part. I trimmed off a hunk of the wig at the back of the nape and used it to make her eyebrows. I already had some cream foundation on my eyebrows, so I figured it couldn't hurt to just spirit gum those bits of hair right onto my own substantial brows. Brave of me, Huh? It was fine! I used a warm soapy cloth to soak them right off after the party. Came off a treat but I did have some spirit gum remover on hand just in case. Remember to take care when using the remover near your eyes folks!

I used a STAEDTLER permanent marker to add black stripes to my red tights. 
(shameless product plug. But I do love me my STAEDTLER!!!)

Green poster paint worked a treat to make the green stripes. Painted them right on while I was wearing the tights. No need to worry about the mess of my legs after! 

I drafted a dress pattern for this one and forgot to take pics. It was a basic empire waist full skirted thing with leg of mutton slashed sleeves. The dress was made from thrifted curtains and cost a total of two dollars.

All things considered, having started only 24 hours before the party.I think it turned out well. Heaps of folks actually knew who we were! Even sang us the theme song!

Happy Costuming Folks!