Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Glowing Mushroom Mood Light Full Tutorial

I've been asked to share a piece that was published a few years ago so folks across the pond could make them. I loved making these glowing mushrooms and hope you do too!

The mycena lux-coeli mushroom grows in Japan. It is a bio-luminescent mushroom that blooms during rainy season and only shows for a few damp days. I wanted to try to keep this very cool glowing mushroom around a little longer, so I decided to make it from Fimo effects clay and add a little battery power to help it out.  

Things you will need to make the mushroom night light:
STAEDTLER Fimo soft and effect one 56g block of each in the following colours:
                Translucent red # - 204
                Translucent # - 014
                White# -0
                Caramel # - 07
                Night Glow # - 04
One piece of driftwood roughly 12in x 5in x 4in
Micro lamps 12V – 60 mA – wire terminal base you’ll need one bulb for each mushroom I show five.
9 volt battery holder – you’ll need three, and screws to attach them
Battery snap connectors with colour coded wire for 9 volt batteries – you’ll need three
Electrical tape
9 volt batteries – you’ll need two
Micro mini toggle switch (if you want to switch your glow on and off instead of unhooking batteries)
22 gauge hook up wire

Tools needed to complete this project:
Wire cutters
Double round nose pliers
Wire strippers
1/8th in wooden dowel 
Drill and drill bits I used a 3/16ths inch bit
Clay roller or pasta roller for clay
Soldering iron and Flux solder (optional)