Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Breadmaking and a Special Momento Mori.

Wanted to share something with you today. It's getting closer to Christmas and we'll soon be making things for each other as gifts. I wanted to start sharing some of the gifts we've made for each other in the past and I'm starting with my favorite first.

I made this a few years ago for my Mom. It is a remember doll, and is a portrait of my Grandma. She was pretty fabulous and we miss her a bunch.

I printed a picture of Grandma onto some Lazertran Silk and transfered the image onto some flattened transparently coloured Fimo soft. Then I wrapped the Fimo with the face image around an unbaked egg shape of Fimo soft and blended it into a smooth head shape being careful not to smudge the image. I baked it and built the hat and body after. This little doll sits in the living room most of the time but at Christmas she is our tree angel.

Mr Jimmy has never made bread.....


I know!!!!
So I'm showing him how today!

He's really getting into the kneading part. he said that it's therapeutic.

He seems to be enjoying it a bit too much?