Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baby Blob Necklace

Here is another great baby craft with STAEDTLER Fimo Kids clay.
These are going to make fantastic gifts!

This is how the mixed colour discs that lily made the other day turned out. In case you missed it, we just let her mix some Fimo kids colours together and we helped her roll them out into a sheet. We used mini circle cutters to cut out the shapes and then we pushed them all back together in an arch shape,
After the pieces were baked, we drilled holes in each end to hang the piece.

We varnished the front of the baked clay and after it dried added a chain, clasp and bead.

How fantastic are these!?!
They look like they came from a fancy designer shop!
Get on this folks!
Those mini humans at your house could be rakin' in the big fancy designer bucks too.
Or at the very least, building heaps of self confidence by making these really pretty gifts for their posse.