Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Halloween Costumes Past.

Thought I'd post some of our past Halloween costumes. There are way too many for one post, I'll add more as the Holiday gets closer.

This is my brother and I. I think I was five or so, he would have been four. Mom made our costumes. I remember the hat really well. I was fascinated by the construction paper shapes on the door. We got to help cut them out. The things you remember decades later.......

This is CyJimmy, Pressed Fairy Maggs and Super Me!
This was Mr. Jimmy's first Halloween with us.

The girls winning the Halloween costume contest for our town paper. I loved these costumes.

Mercy, the year we discovered Cats, the musical was on disc at the library for loan.

One of many LOTR based costumes. Mercy was an Ent. We made the mask from lightweight clay and dollar store greenery.

Maggs the mini Andourian. So cute. She looks tired here. This is after the candy getting. No one knew what she was. Poor kid.

My Andourian costume, Loads of blue makeup, an old leather jacket from the Sally Anne and a whole lotta glue. We made Andourian Ale, it was potent.

Maggie's pressed Fairy costume, She looked fabulous, she even walked around with a limp like she'd been crushed.

Close up of Maggie's Goblin ear. We made it by dipping dollar store mixing spoons in liquid latex a bunch of times (like making candles) then peeling it off the spoon and gluing them on her ears and painting them out. This is her real hair colour too, weird.... she has dyed it black for so long I forgot she was a strawberry blond.

Head to toe shot of the goblin. It's amazing how many costume foundations are housecoats.