Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween Windows

We try to do this window idea every year using different silhouettes every time.
It's so cheap and easy and fast to do. You can save them and use them year after year or trash them and make more.
They are dollar store coloured plastic tableclothes cut to the size of the window. We added black plastic tablecloth silhouettes to the coloured plastic sheets. We used double sided tape to attatch the shapes and hang the pieces up.

We cut holes through both layers to show candle flames.

This is looking out from the inside.
The roses were a gift for Mom from Auntie J and the A man!
Soooooooooo beautiful!!!

Here is a blurry shot of the side yard windows. I really liked the giant spider.

Here is the front yard all gussied up.
I love Halloween!!!