Saturday, January 7, 2017

Waving Goodbye to 2016 With Christmas Krampus Nails

To say that we are looking forward to 2017 is a HUGE understatement. 
There are so many new plans and immense life changes hoped for in this new year that I've been having problems sleeping. 
I've given my notice at the (truly loved) day job. 
I'll be leaving them in July 2017. 

I turn 50 this year!!! 
So, taking that into consideration there will be many many wonderful (and frightening) alterations made to the way we spend our time. 
Thank you for dropping by to hear the news.
I hope you'll be here with me next year to see me through.
I may need a bit of hand holding.
I'll try not to be too needy.
Best wishes to all of you for this shiny new year.

Baby Beast's Bunny Mittens

We've sewn The Baby Beastie some ferocious Bunny Mittens by scaling down one of our very first published sewing patterns. 

Squashed a round cookie cutter into a teardrop shape to make these yummy hedgehog sugar cookies. We started by smearing some melty chocolate onto each cookie and loaded broken up sliced almonds onto the back third of each cookie. We made faces with sugar beads. 

New Jimmy Shirt, Burda 6874

Another Great shirt for Grandpa Jimmy!
I'm loving the straight forward directions in this Burda pattern.

It's the second shirt we've made with this pattern and I think it'll be the new go to shirt pattern for him.

As usual he's gone into Fabricland with me and picked out his own fabric. I wasn't sure how well this gradient floral would work as a shirt, but it's fantastic!

We used wooden buttons from our button stash. We also made it about an inch longer than the previous shirt. It'll tuck and stay tucked! Do you have a favorite men's dress shirt pattern?