Saturday, September 29, 2012

Glowing Hand of the Witch Pendant

Or..... The Drippy Glowing Hand of Death!
Booowa ha ha ha ha!

Sorry...... lost my head for a minute there.

I LOVE Halloween!
So many cool excuses er.... um..... opportunities to dress up and play and make things we wouldn't normally get away with make the time for during the rest of the year.
Here is the first of hopefully many spooktacular projects for this season.

Things you'll need to complete this project:

Black chain 85cm long
Black metal jump rings, head and eye pins, lobster claw and large filigree bead topper
Jewlery glue
Three in one pliers with round nose, flat and cutter

Condition some of the glow in the dark fimo and roll it into a 2cm thick worm.
Cut a 6cm length off of the worm to make the hand.

Flatten one end of the worm to about 1/2cm thick making sure the flattened end is blended with the un-flattened end at about the middle of the worm. Cut a mitten shape from the flattened end by removing a wedge from one side.

Cut three even slits into the top of the mitten shape to form four even fingers. The center slit will be shorter than the two outside slits. It's looking a bit more like a hand now!

Smooth the edges of the fingers and thumb by gently rolling the teeny fingers between your fingertips. Take your time and be gentle. 

Grasp the hand at the wrist between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze and roll until you have formed an indent to create a wrist. You can push the fingers into shape where you want them now and add some detail to the shape of the palm.

I used a home made tool that is just a finishing tack pushed into a clay handle to make my finger nails, but you can achieve the same thing by using the basic sculpting tool set to create fingernail shaped indents.

Pose the hand now and cut away any extra clay after the wrist.

For the heart I made a metallic red egg shape and slightly flattened it.
I made three wee balls of metallic red fimo and pushed a pointed tool into the little balls to form cut away vein ends. I pushed these newly formed tubes onto the top of my flat egg shape.

I used a pointed tool to draw some surface veins onto the heart.

Place the heart into the open hand and curl the fingers around the heart to hold it firmly.

Flatten a sheet if black fimo to 1/8th cm thick and tear away one edge.

Wrap the torn black fimo around the wrist of the hand to form a sleeve. Roll the end of the wrist into a cone shape that will fit into you filigree bead cover.

Use the black wire head pins to create some dangles with the Gutermann teardrop beads. I made seven.

Glue the wrist into the filigree bead cover.

Attach the teardrop dangles to small uneven lengths of chain and connect the chain to the middle of the necklace chain hanging the hand pendant in the very center. Finish by attaching the lobster claw finding to the end of the chain.

Check out the glow!
Have fun frightening your friends.
Stay tuned for more Halloween fun.
I'm excited..... are you excited?