Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Lovin, and Some Branding

I've been incredibly lucky to have had the time to spend playing this summer. Feeling VERY fortunate and loved. We're having to scrimp a bit without the extra paycheck while I study. But it's soooooooo worth it!!!

We made some teeny tiny tarts. filled them with vanilla pudding, berry jam and berries and garnished with a fresh sprig of garden mint. So full of summer.

Walks in the woods are happening. Chipmunks live there!!!

The front lawn is the perfect place for cuddles and bedtime cartoon watching. Well..... until the mosquitoes come out. Then there's a mad sprint to the house before we're stung.

Still learning many many things. 

Developing a paint pallet for our younger clients!

We have brand tags now for all our sewn product. They are very small. A challenge to sew. But I'm pretty happy with the results.

The salon is filling up with bright new handmade product for sale! Still so much more to make and learn! This changing careers midlife is nerve wracking but I wouldn't change a thing!