Monday, July 5, 2010


I have ordered some online things and am waiting not very patiently to get them. I ordered circle lenses from Korea, and Nail stuff from California. Wonder what will get here first. Any guesses?

Up - dated Update:
Recieved both circle lenses and cool nail stuff on the same day!!! Both less than three weeks after ordering. So excited.

The latest nail design is made using the new nail stuff. I ordered from Nail de Royale in California. I like them they always send the right stuff and they add presents too.

I screwed up the circle lens prescription though. It was a tough order. I need toric lenses, more difficult, more silly specific numbers to get right. I'm going to take them to my eye woman and get her to fill in the order for me next time. I like them though and the quality seems good. They also sent me a free little coffin shaped box to keep my lens case in with some extra contact solution. Cute free gift.

Please ignore large luggage I seem to have stowed under my eyes.

The lenses are almost the same colour as my eyes. Just BIGGER!
I like the effect. I just wish I could see out of them properly. I'll be more careful when ordering next time.