Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Mr. Jimmy Shirt and A Work Break

My oldest and her intended are home from the big city for a bit so I got a few days off work to spend just with them. It's been heaven.

We made some blueberry Mojitos 
Seriously delicious!

The sewing room has had some improvements. I added some pattern love to the walls.

I took the kids to KRUG'S Meats. I think they liked it. 
They have a really spectacular selection of smoked meats.

George has been supervising some recent makes.
The new sewing table is big enough for him to take up residence on a corner and I still have room to work. I think it's his new favorite spot to rest.

Made Mr. Jimmy this swank new button up. I'm in love with the cowboy pattern and pocket flaps. He'll be so handsome in this!

We used Simplicity 4760 again. It's our go to Mr. Jimmy shirt. Do you have a favorite pattern? Sure would like to hear about it.

Here's a snippit from yesterday's breakfast. We made french toast form a stale baguette, had some smoked bacon from KRUG'S  and did a quick process on some extra ripe local peaches.
Hope it doesn't make you too hungry!
Happy Sunday Folks!