Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I Thought Retirement Would Be More Restful?

 I imagined that when I finally got to stay at home to "work" I'd have HEAPS of time to relax and just putter around.... I may have been a wee bit optimistic. I can say that being home has been lovely. I'm not in pain constantly. I can go up and down stairs without muttering obscenities, and I've been really considering going for walks! So the results have been fantastic for my health. I've been under the gun to get the Salon up and functioning, get my schooling going and I've also been plugging away at commissions. So puttering hasn't really been an option.   I've managed a few pics to share.... Ohhhhhh! And a video with ingredients on nail art. 

I mixed some Shiny Shades together to make this turquoise. I raided my art supply stash to decorate them... Definitely my favorite colour of all time! 

Here's how I did it!

Momma got some natural tip french nails with sparkly butterflies. She wanted gel french extensions with nail polish nail art so she could change them if she wanted on her own between appointments. Her extensions last about a month before she needs a fill and she LOVES to polish her own nails. So I think this process will work out best for her. Lovely natural looking extensions that she can customize on a daily basis if she feels like it.

Grandpa Jimmy had a lovely Pappa's Day! He was spoiled by Beastie and Momma Beast. Nammy got him this fantastic hammock to relax in, and his Pa and Ma came for a visit. It was an all around fantastic weekend.

Momma Beast and Beastie have been having great results with their garden so far this year. The beans are growing strong! They have beets and lettuces, herbs and tomatoes too!

Beastie's Fairy garden is also looking fantastic! Momma tucked it in under a bush in the corner of the backyard. Can't wait until the moss and ground covers start to spread out. Love this idea. Great fun!

I've moved my work space out on the front porch. I love that this is an option. I'm out there almost all day enjoying the squirrels and birds. There's great lighting for photographing project step outs too. Wish this were an option all year!

Well.... enough prattling on.....
I'd better get back at it!