Saturday, December 8, 2012

Candy Canes That Won't Melt

Wanted to share how I made these forever candy canes.
I used my favorite STAEDTLER fimo.
These can go outside on wreaths and never get sticky. They're great for centerpieces and garlands too.
Make mini ones to wear as jewelry or to add to scrapbook pages and cards.
They're fun and easy enough for the kids to help.

Grab the following items to make about five candy canes:

Cutting blade for clay
Parchment paper for baking
gloves to keep white clay white

I always start with the lightest colours first. I rolled the white clay into a 1cm thick worm and then made a 1/2cm thick worm of both the mint and then the red clays. I changed my gloves after handling the red clay.

I pressed two red and one mint worm onto the sides of a white worm and rolled it slightly on my work surface. (I protected my work surface with a sheet of baking parchment.)  I began to twist the new multicoloured worm to swirl the colours into a candy cane pattern.

I cut the worm into 5cm lenghts. The worm was about 2cm thick.

I rolled each 5cm worm onto my work surface until they were one cm thick again. I tapered one end to a point and made sure to keep the twist in the candy cane pattern as I rolled.

I curled up the end that I pointed so It looked like a little festive snail shell.

I made a cane shape and baked the candy canes in a preheated 230 degree oven for twenty minutes on a piece of baking parchment.

I really love these colours but I think next time I'll experiment with silver and gold and lime-green additions.
Hope your having a great season so far!