Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Jimmy Being an Octopus. (the making of)

This is Mr. Jimmy's Octopus prosthetic.
(Not Dr. Zoidberg!)

He sculpted it and made the prosthetic. The suction cups are cheerios. Seems to be the tool of choice if you listen to the octopodian you tube videos out there.

Mom lent a hand and painted Mr. Jimmy's head red for him. (I was too busy with Maggs at this point wrestling with my eyelashes to help much) We just used cheap dollar store red face paint in a tube.

He looks so relaxed here...... very different than when I spray painted him green last years
Brainiac costume build.

Here he's getting around his eyes with a little brush.

Sebastian knows who it is still.

We have to figure out this blurry camera thing. This is what he wore with his octopus face. I'll post clearer pictures as they come in. We had WAY too much fun this year!

A BIG thank you goes out to the Pete and CJ Show for their fabulous Birthoween event!

Every year you give us the excuse to play for weeks with latex and plasticine.
We are honored to have been part of the festivities over the years.

Love you two!

*Edited to add another clear picture*

Thanks to the host of the party for this great clear picture of Mr. Jimmy.