Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Painting Bug

I love to paint, but haven't made time to for ages. Somehow setting aside time to paint feels selfish. Don't get me wrong, I'm equally smitten with sculpting, sewing, building, cooking, sketching and anything else that involves making something...... but I think painting is the root of it all. I miss it. Mom has been going through some old negatives and cleaning out computer files and these images of paintings past were found....... Thought I'd share... and maybe adding it here will help motivate me to get some colour down on something. I'll keep you posted......

An eye study in Genesis heat set oils. I love this medium. This was a study for a class I was teaching.

I had forgotten all about this. It's a detail from a house sign I made as a commission forever ago. This part was just a small piece of the whole plaque. Who doesn't love aliens?

This is a self portrait. The original was Genesis heat set oils. Then it was transfered via Lazertran and enlarged to another canvas and doctored up with STAEDTLER gold leaf and Japanese papers. (I used to wear blue contacts and dye the tips of my hair blue.)

This is a floor mat I created to teach trompe l'oeil. I used Golden artist acrylics and featured their beautiful mica flake line.

Mock abalone with Golden artist acrylic again. This time featuring their interference colour. I still use these paints often when I create dolls. I use Genesis because it can be manipulated on STAEDTLER's Fimo and heat cured right along with the clay, and Golden when I make my eyes to create a realistic sparkle.

Just need two minutes to rub together and a topic to focus on......

Any ideas?