Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ouija Planchette Cookies and Halloweenie Nonsense

I promised more shenanigans were to be had using the bird skull molds I made HERE.
We've used the molds to make whiskey filled chocolate bird skulls for some Ouija board pointer cookies!

I used the non polymer clay use mold to make our chocolates. I coated it with a thin even layer of white melted chocolate and shoved it into the freezer to set. It only took two minutes each time. We made about a dozen in all.

After the chocolate hardened, I filled the mold with spiced whiskey soused chocolate pudding. Just enough to fill below the top of the mold.

Next I used my tiny very clean paintbrush (I use this one for food only) to put a layer of melted chocolate over the top of the mold. I pushed it in a bit at the edges to make sure it sealed.

I made some sugar cookies in the shape of the planchette using a stretched out heart and an icing tip for the hole.

After the cookies were cooled and I had enough tiny skulls, I decorated the cookies with royal icing.

Each one was a bit different.

The most wonderful part was I got to spend the whole time with my bestie! She came to make cookies for her own birthday party. So she made her cookies and I made mine and we got to chat and catch up. I think Christmas cookies need to be made with the same plan! Never enough girlie time!

I managed her a cake commissioned by her hubby. First time for a rosette cake here. I really enjoyed it! It was chocolate and vanilla with chai flavouring and lemon icing.

We didn't get many pics of our costumes this year. Too busy having fun! We went as munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. We got to the party and who showed up? Dorthy, the Tin Man, the Scare Crow and Cowardly Lion! No one planned it! Just happened!

We made James' hair from wool roving stuck on with spirit gum. We coloured it by spraying it with orange hairspray. It was Sooooooooooo easy!!

These are the nails I made for myself for the munchkin costume. I was a Lullaby League girlie and James was a Lolly Pop Guild boy.

Beastie and George have been busy decorating this week.

She has decided that our house needed some very frightening Halloween Ducks!

Beastie is also recently very fond of being a unicorn.

Happy Halloween Week!!!