Sunday, May 18, 2014

More From The Kid's Garden

We are enjoying a spectacularly lazy long weekend. The kids have been in the garden all day long and are now cooking us supper. Thought I'd share just a few pics of what's been happening today and hope you're all enjoying a relaxing weekend too.

The peas are getting root bound in their little temporary pots on the dining room table. The kids transplanted them into the garden today so they could stretch their roots out.

Emmy made some fantastic little veggie markers from STAEDTLER Fimo soft. I love these little veggies. She's making some for her garden at home too. We'll use these for years and they'll always make us think of her. She just sculpted some of the veg we had planted and baked them with a skewer poked in. After they cooled we poked them in the garden where the seedlings live. 

I love these lawn hyacinths that poke their heads up through the first spring grass on our lawn. I hate that we always have to cut them back when it's time for the first trim. Mom picked heaps for the table. 

Here's one of Emmy's garden markers in the works. I hope the real veggies turn out half as well as these did.

And lastly a pic of a teensy lawn violet. 
So so sweet hiding in the tall grass by the fence.

Happy long weekend everyone!