Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Some Bunny Loves Me Tutorial

Here is a fun character card tutorial for Valentine's Day.

Things you'll need to create this card:

One package of STAEDTLER Fimo air basic in white
Decorative card stock I chose sparklie pink
one standard blank card
lace and ribbon trim
scissors and pinking shears
#4 round sable paint brush
Fabri-tac adhesive
rolling pin for clay
exacto blade or cutting tool
stylus tool or dullish pencil
damp paper towel

I used some parchment paper to protect my work surface.

 I rolled out my Fimo air basic to about 1/2cm thick.

 I printed out the basic bunny design and placed it on my clay face up. I used the large end of my stylus tool to trace the full design onto the clay. You will need to indent the clay enough so you can follow the design when the paper template is removed.

 With the tip of your craft knife remove any clay that isn't part of the design.

 Dampen a paper towel and use it to smooth out the edges of the clay. Let the clay dry overnight.

 Dip you paint brush into clear water and tap off the access. Use the dampened brush to pick up colour from the end of the aquarelle crayons and paint up your clay bunny.

 I started with a pink bunny suit.....

 then I added a peachy face......

 I made the paws and inner ears blue.

 I also added some deeper pink to the cheeks.

 I added detail with the triplus fineliner markers.

 I used a blue to fill in the tummy words.

 I made my bunny look like Mr. Jimmy!

 I put the bunny face down on the back of my decorative card stock and traced around the piece. Then I added a 1cm border and ct the card stock out.

 I also added a border of black felt by cutting around the edge of the piece with pinking shears.

 I used the Fabri-tac glue to stick the bunny to the decorative card stock shape and then to the felt. I also used it to add trim to the card and stick everything onto the card.

 I like my little Mr. Jimmy bunny card. I think I'll make a smaller one and turn him into a pin!

Add your own face to this bunny and create a personalized card for your someone special.

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