Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mom Bird!

Here is Maggs Making Grandma have eyebrows and eyelashes. Maggs is the expert on these things in our house.

Mom is gluing on the bottom beak.

and now the top one.

There you go then. A side view of the beak on.

Mom adding some feathery goodness to the edge of the beak.

The whole shabang!
Mom looks great in my stuff.

This shows how we did the pumpkins with depth. Poke holes into the pumpkin to mark the pattern then scrape away the skin layer inside the pattern. We created depth by putting a light inside the pumpkin and scraping away flesh to create lighter and darker areas.

Halloween bread. I burnt the tops of the white loaves because we got a surprise Halloween visitor!
Auntie Shelley rang the back doorbell dressed as a gray dragon princess!
Best Halloween EVER!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Day!!!

We carve jack o lanterns every year on the day before Halloween, or Devil's Night.
This year it is taking almost the whole day. We carve a bit then rest, then carve a bit then eat....

Here are the pumpkins so far.

This is Mom's pumpkin so far. It's freakin' me out a bit!
She doesn't like it and has started another. I hope she finishes this one I think it's gonna be pretty cool.

This is Mr. Jimmy's Cy kin. He is cheerful.
I think James is going to define the eye with a bit more carving once he can put a light in there and see things better.

Here is the start of Maggie's Kitty Kin. She'll be back to carve more once it's darker outside.

Here is my Nosferatu pumpkin. Doesn't look very good without some light in there.
I got the idea from this fantastic site called
Zombie Pumpkins
They have some pretty skilled pattern makers over there.
I added depth with multi layer cutting.

Here he is with the sunlight shining through him. I need to define things a bit more, but I'm pretty happy with the results.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PolymerCAFE Magazine Update


I received my copy of PolymerCAFE Magazine today!!!


and not just because my Angel graces the front cover!
This magazine has the BEST step by step pictures for technique that I have ever seen in any publication. I am completley thrilled to have been included in the long list of amazing artisans who have graced the pages of this magazine.

Grab yourself a copy and let me know what you think.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decorating..... very late this year!

Mom and I did a big Halloween decoration push today.
We've been busy with other things and we are about two weeks behind. Usually the place has been gussied up for weeks by now.

We used hot glue to stick styrofoam skeleton parts to the front yard tree. Then we added a plastic cape and a sword........ he kind of looks like he might be a ring wraith.

Here is the house so far. There will be more closer to the big night.

Mom got some plastic skull head decorations from the dollar store. We cut out the eye socket parts and put red plastic in there and wrapped it around the front porch light.

A little table vignette. The candelabra has a little purple sparkle spider in a black sparkle web. We have to carve the pumpkins yet and add the giant bowl of candy.

Porris Bentspine is all ready for the festivities. He is holding a Hubbard squash that will be soup soon. It will be replaced by a Jack o Lantern and he will probably be moved to the lawn.
I apologize once again for the blurry pictures, I'm still having problems with the camera.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Cockroaches.

These little cockroaches are a delicious addition to your Halloween treat table, and they are so easy to make. Plus they kind of went with my costume, birds love to crunch on bugs!

I cut up some no name grape licorice strings into 6 cm lengths and set them in threes on a parchment lined baking sheet. Let them curl so two point back and one points forward.

Then I melted some big bars of Presidents Choice chocolate in a double boiler and spooned a small dollop onto the middle of the licorice strings.
Now it looks like a body and legs.

Here Maggs is helping by dropping a mini Rolo head onto the front of each critter and a Presidents Choice praline onto the back of each one to make the body and closed up wings.
They were pretty delicious!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Candy Corn Nails!

I've seen several versions of candy corn nails online. I loved them all.
Here is my version. I used ibd's soak off colours Paradise collection with my white for the candy corn base. The black mini stiletto nails are left over from my weekend Old Crow costume.

10 days and 23 hours till the Haunting begins!!!!!!

(maniacal laughter)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Jimmy Being an Octopus. (the making of)

This is Mr. Jimmy's Octopus prosthetic.
(Not Dr. Zoidberg!)

He sculpted it and made the prosthetic. The suction cups are cheerios. Seems to be the tool of choice if you listen to the octopodian you tube videos out there.

Mom lent a hand and painted Mr. Jimmy's head red for him. (I was too busy with Maggs at this point wrestling with my eyelashes to help much) We just used cheap dollar store red face paint in a tube.

He looks so relaxed here...... very different than when I spray painted him green last years
Brainiac costume build.

Here he's getting around his eyes with a little brush.

Sebastian knows who it is still.

We have to figure out this blurry camera thing. This is what he wore with his octopus face. I'll post clearer pictures as they come in. We had WAY too much fun this year!

A BIG thank you goes out to the Pete and CJ Show for their fabulous Birthoween event!

Every year you give us the excuse to play for weeks with latex and plasticine.
We are honored to have been part of the festivities over the years.

Love you two!

*Edited to add another clear picture*

Thanks to the host of the party for this great clear picture of Mr. Jimmy.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Putting on The Victorian Lady Raven (AKA: Old Crow!)

Posting the steps I took to turn myself into an Old Crow.

I'm adding some really Huge eyelashes here. They almost look like wings. Maggie had to help me put them on because they were so big I couldn't see anything until they were positioned correctly. I added some wispy lashes to the bottom lids too.

Loads of blue and purple and white and silver shadows. Paid attention to the highlighting and shadowy spots.

Here I am applying the lower beak with spirit gum. Always test this stuff on your skin before you wear it for a whole night....... even if you've worn it every Halloween for the last twenty years! I got a rash this year from it on the bridge of my nose.

Putting on the top beak. I applied the spirit gum to the inside of the prosthetic beak and repeatedly put the beak on and pulled it off until it stuck. You can tap the prosthetic gently with a fingertip over where it needs to stick also.

Mom said I needed to define the beak more with makeup. so I added some silver and black shadow to the edges of the beak where they meet my cheeks and chin.

Here I'm just trying to make everything even. Harder than you'd expect!

I thought I'de throw in a side view shot even though it's kind of blurry. Profile looks different than face on.

Here is a shot of Mr. Jimmy and I outside. We were loosing daylight and I rushed out for pictures before I got my beak shaded. But you can see the bustle and the corset doing their trick here. I also have black wings on that I purchased but didn't wear to the Fabulous Birthoween Bash! They were too big and I didn't want to be pushing folks around with them.

I'll post more pictures of the finished costumes as they become available.

*Edited to add incoming photos*

Thanks to a good friend with a good camera, we have a couple more clear pics of the finished Old Crow get up.

Here I am three quarters of the way through the evening. I was enjoying a tall cool glass of squid ink provided by Mr. Jimmy the Octopus.

A SUPER HUGE thanks to the guys for throwing such a fun packed evening. We're already planning for next year!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beak Prosthetic Progress

I almost have the bottom jaw part of the beak done.

The pieces look like they will fit together pretty well. The top beak part is done. I have to add a few more coats of tinted latex to the bottom half before it's ready to un-mold.

I'll trim up some of the run over latex with a pair of scissors.

Here is a face on view. I think it turned out pretty well. I can hardly wait to put it on!

George the Cat kept leaning in for a kiss while I was coating my beak in latex. I was worried about getting it on his fur. But not too worried to take a picture!

I should have put latex on this guy!
Poor Mr. Jimmy!
His costume is going to be fabulous, we'll post pics of his build next week.
Happy Haunting!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Costume Update

The bustle mini skirt, or Gothic Lolita skirt for my Victorian Raven Lady costume.

I built the skirt on a duct tape copy of me that I discovered how to make through

There are between ten and twelve layers of ruffle on the back of the skirt, and I'm not counting the three layers of feather boa I have tucked in there to represent tail feathers.
Most of the skirt is hand stitched in place and ALL of the fabric is recycled from pre loved clothing.
A BIG thanks to my Mom for scouring all the local thrift shops for black skirts.

Here is an update on the corset (also made out of mostly re-purposed clothing). I have the eyelets in place, however I don't think they're going to stay there long. The fabric was too flimsy and should have been reinforced down the edges where the eyelets went.

It's hard to see here but there is a scalloped edge on the bottom of the corset. The only new things I purchased for this piece were the bias tape trim (two packs) and the eyelets, everything else I already had or found at the thrift shop.