Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good morning!
I think it's about time to announce things publicly. 
After many years of shinanigans and hard slugging with some very wonderful humans,
I find that it's time to leave my post at our local Independant grocer. 
It's a decision that was made with mixed emotions and my leaving has been rushed on by a recurring injury that I have been assured will heal if I stop and rest.
It means leaving many wonderful friends who have been working extra hard to cover for shortcomings due to my injury. 
I will miss you all so very much and plan on listening to Tenacious D's "Dude I totally miss you" Many times over the next few months.
Please stay in touch! 
There will be cookies and tea or a good stiff drink for any of you needing a friend fix. 
Drop in!! 

I am also ready to announce that our new adventure involves not only my staying home to play with the Beastie and make bread, 
but also my new carreer as a nail technician.
will be taking appointments VERY SOON!!!
Stay tuned to the facebook page for the unveiling.

Here are some pics of  my life as a grocery store clerk.
These pics are and will always be a treasure, .

Much Love!