Sunday, June 20, 2010


My Mom taught me how to sew. I must have been about four when she made this doll dress for me. Still have the sewing machine and it still works.

Need to make myself a new purse soon. Looking at some of the ones I've made might help me decide what style I want this time.
I liked this one. It was done using fabric paint on white cotton and beading some parts with seed beads. I liked the bright flowers and the gingham.

I made these as prototypes for my best girl friend's wedding. We made others in gold for the bridesmaids and one in white silk for her. We kept these two for ourselves. I loved the huge brooches we used for the clasps.

This is the magical expandable zipper purse I completed for HA Kidd and co. It is all folded and zipped up in the first pic.

This is the zipper purse unzipped. It becomes about 2x more spacious. Great shopping or traveling bag with lots of hiding spots.

The velvet skull purse also for HA Kidd and co. We used a dye remover to take the colour out of the velvet through a stencil.

They have loads of fun findings and clasps at HA Kidd. So easy to be inspired with their product.