Monday, December 22, 2014

A Warm Glowing Snow Couple

Here's our version of snow people ornaments. We added a dollar store round glass votive holder as a base and we had glowing figures that stand on a shelf. They're a quick last minute project that's made from readily available supplies. Great present for Grandma or Auntie who has everything.

Make a ball of white STAEDTLER Fimo soft that will fit on top of a clear glass ornament.My snowman heads are about 1.5 inches. Push the ball onto the top of the glass ornament gently to create a guide. Use this guide to core out extra clay so the head will fit onto the ball.

Use black and tangerine Fimo to create faves and a carrot nose to decorate the heads.

Use some brown Fimo to make twig like arms for your snow people.

Place the arms onto the balls for baking. I use a tuna tin filled with rice to hold the balls while I work on them and for baking.

I added some Fimo hats, scarves and accessories to my figures and baked them in a preheated 260 degree oven for twenty minutes. I turned off the oven and opened the door and let the pieces cool right there in the oven.
I added some glitter with white glue to some of the baked accessories.

They're pretty cute as is but I thought we could do better.

I mixed equal parts white glue and water together then coated the inside of the glass balls and round votive holders with the water glue mixture. Then I sprinkled some snowy glitter into the balls and votive holders. I rolled them around until everything was coated in a glittery layer of snow.

They looked like this when they were still wet but dried to a clear glassy glitter. Then I used the white glue to glue the heads on and secure any of the accessories that had popped off after baking. Set the pieces aside to dry. After they have all dried you can place a battery operated votive into the votive holder and put the decorated ball onto it. The whole figure will glow! Way better than just a plain tree ornament!