Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's give away time!
I figured since it was the first ever Make it with me give away I should really make it BIG!
I have included a load of very cool new Fimo products and some old standbys that you maybe haven't had a chance to play with yet. A huge thank you goes to Staedtler for their never ending support. I have also included the not yet released Make it with me Skelly Bracelet Kit in black and blue.

Here is a close up look at what's included

Here is the much asked about Fimo air for microwave.
This is the clay I did the bat wing headband tutorial with.
I also used it for the horn and antler tutorials.
There is enough clay here to make all three projects and then some.

I have included a 100g block of Fimo air, air dry clay.

and a 100g block of Fimo air natural, air dry clay.

Here is the Fimo liquid I used to make the flat backed eyes tutorial for use in ball jointed dolls like the Pin up Ghoul seen on the cover of PolymerCafe this fall.

A 56g block of Fimo Soft colour # 0 white

A 56g block of Fimo Effect colour # 014 translucent

This is the very first Make it with me Kit. It has everything you need inside it including instructions with pictures and diagrams to make one skully bracelet in blue and black.

This kit has a blue cameo and blue floss instead of the pink the tutorial shows.

Well, that's all that's in the give away.
Hope it is all you were hoping for.

To qualify for a chance to win all of these great products you will need to do two things......

#1. Join this site. Click the join this site button on the right and up a bit and follow the directions you find there.

#2. Tell me what your favorite Fimo product is and why in the comments below. If you have never tried a Fimo product, no problem..... just tell me how you plan on using the give away products if you should be the lucky winner!

Only one chance per reader. I'm moderating the comments so I will only publish the first comment if multiples show up from the same reader.

The give away will be drawn on Sunday October 23. There will be no further blog posts here until then.

But ooooooooooooh do I have news!