Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sand Dollar Ornaments with STAEDTLER Fimo Air Light

We made some pretty beachy sand dollar ornaments with STAEDTLER's Fimo Air Light.
They were so fast and fun to make that we wanted to share them with you for Christmas!

They're spectacular on our turquoise tree.

I made 2.5 inch discs of Fimo Air Light and thinned out the edges. Using the tip of an old pen I made five irregularly spaced holes around the edge of each disc.

I used the tip of the old pen again to etch a flower shape shallowly into the center of each disc.

I let the sand dollars dry for a day on some wax paper,turning them once while they dried so the backs would get some air too.

I painted to edges with white glue and added sparkles.

Some very thin metallic floss tied through one of the holes makes a very pretty hanger for these delicate looking sand dollars.

More to come before Christmas!!!
Hope you're all having a cozy season.