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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy Places

Thought we'd share some of this week's happy places with you.
My most favorite happy place was at the dining room table with this plum pie. We had it with vanilla ice cream and tea. So yummy! The local plums are so tart, almost like rhubarb.

We've been experimenting with some new video editors. I'm liking the one included on my phone. I think it's an instagram thing. I love it! So many cool ways to share the things we enjoy. I have a terrible fear of forgetting things. These little videos help me remember happy cozy times.
Hope your week is fantastic!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Sewing Room

I finally put one of the kids rooms to good use. I saw Tasha's new sewing space post on her blog and was inspired to start one of my own. Here's how it's come together so far. I'm still pulling fabric and supplies from the basement storage area to put away in my new neat little cubbies. I hope to get more cubbies or shelving units in the future to store more patterns. I have hundreds. Oh, and the dozens of sewing books need someplace to live too. Right now they're in our bedroom.

I think this is where I'm going to keep everything for now. I like the table close to the window with the ironing board right behind me. I can swivel in my chair and iron bits I've just sewn without having to stand and walk over to another station. Very efficient! 

I started by painting the room a crisp white. I plan on hanging projects in different stages of completion up on the walls and didn't want the paint colour to clash. This was Maggie's bedroom and she had painted it a warm brown with one turquoise wall. It was pretty and cozy, but white was needed for a sewing room.

Mr. Jimmy helped me put these cubbies together. We got them from Canadian tire and I think they were about $30.00 each? Tasha had hers two cubbies tall and three wide. I made mine taller so I could stand at the work space to cut things out without stressing my spine. This made my table top smaller by a foot each way, but it fits better into my room and I think it's still big enough to work on. I still like Tasha's better! If I could find three by three cubbies, maybe I could have used two of those on the ends to make the table a bit deeper.

The table top is an old hunk of MDF (medium density fiberboard) we were using as a worktable in the garage. I just covered it in some marble mactac, but we are looking into a self healing cutting surface to protect it.

George really likes the new larger work surface. He has much more room to hang around and supervise my projects. When I'm not using the room, he cuddles up in my work chair under the table. I can always hear him purring when I go in to start a new project so I know he approves.

I have hung a heap of my favorite patterns bunting style from twine with clips on one wall. I like to be able to see them all up there. Helps me plan the next projects out while I'm working on current sews. I really have increased how much work I'm getting done. I think I've made more things in the last two months than I did all of last year.

This is one of my favorite things about the new space. I can take pics of my current thread and fabric stashed before I go shopping. While out I can reference each section on my phone and no more overbuying the same colour or pattern. I'm still working away on getting all the ready to be sewn fabric and suppies up to the new room. The patterns are going to be the most challenging to put away. I have to look up some appropriate storage solutions for them. I would really like to be able to see them all at all times, but there are far too many for that. If you have any suggestions, I'm listening! How do you display/store your patterns? I sure would love to hear from you! 

Obviously, one of the best new sewing room features is that the table can double as a baby fort! Lily LOVES to hang out under here and look at all the patterns. 

A HUGE thank you to Tasha and Mel for sharing their build with all of us. You two are always an inspiration. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Grilled Cheese and Dainty Things

We're loving the grilled cheeses lately. This one has Stilton blue cheese and some cheddar called Green Thunder. So delicious!

So many sewing things being accomplished. This one with the oldest. So delicate and wispy. Almost not even there.

We finally got that summer storm we've been looking forward to. 
It was a doozy but we sure did need it.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Mr. Jimmy Shirt and A Work Break

My oldest and her intended are home from the big city for a bit so I got a few days off work to spend just with them. It's been heaven.

We made some blueberry Mojitos 
Seriously delicious!

The sewing room has had some improvements. I added some pattern love to the walls.

I took the kids to KRUG'S Meats. I think they liked it. 
They have a really spectacular selection of smoked meats.

George has been supervising some recent makes.
The new sewing table is big enough for him to take up residence on a corner and I still have room to work. I think it's his new favorite spot to rest.

Made Mr. Jimmy this swank new button up. I'm in love with the cowboy pattern and pocket flaps. He'll be so handsome in this!

We used Simplicity 4760 again. It's our go to Mr. Jimmy shirt. Do you have a favorite pattern? Sure would like to hear about it.


Here's a snippit from yesterday's breakfast. We made french toast form a stale baguette, had some smoked bacon from KRUG'S  and did a quick process on some extra ripe local peaches.
Hope it doesn't make you too hungry!
Happy Sunday Folks!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

McCall's M6930 Polka Dot Capri's

I love me a good FabricLand Sale! 
We picked up HEAPS of new fabrics and patterns at the last one. 

Pockets are all contrasty. I think these will be my new favorite make. 
Can't wait to get a few seconds to finish these off. 
Then maybe a simple sleeveless collared blouse in pink to go with?

I had some glitzy gold nails for work this week. 
They were ever so sparkly!
 I used gold holographic glitter over a metallic gold base. 
I finished them off with two coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry Clear Coat. 
They twinkled like stars.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yet Another

I think I may have a bit of an addiction problem with this dress pattern.
I have it down to just under three hours now for a make and I can't seem to stop making it. This fabric was marked .25 cents. I think I got it from the local Salvation Army thrift store. It's been sitting in the fabric pile for ever. I left the sleeves off this version.

I didn't gather the pockets this time. I thought I'd keep the lines crisp.

That moment when I realized I had made just enough self binding...
Sigh...... Happy times.

I also found a new favorite nail colour this week. Periwinkle!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Simplicity 3750 A Simple House Dress

I made another house dress. I think it's my favorite one yet.

Here's the original pattern. I've lengthened it a heap and altered the belt. 

I added pockets long enough to hold a phone and some keys.

 I've also added some pinwheels to the neckline. Where the bias binding meets the bib part. This is my fourth make for this pattern and every time I make it I love it more. The fabric reminds me of my Nammy's aprons. Makes me love this one even more than all of the others combined.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not Very Pastel

Lily got into the STAEDTLER oil pastels.

Her favorite colours are browns and blacks and yellows right now
She really enjoys blending. We gave her a makeup sponge to smoosh the colours together. She'll sit for such a long time to colour or play with paint. So glad she enjoys a good art session as much as the rest of us. It's a great way to help teach her her colours. We've been getting her to ask for specific colours and then we hand them to her. Great learning tool!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nails and Christmas Cookies

Did these diagonal nails last week and thought it was a cool enough effect to share. It was pretty easy. I painted my nails one colour and then put a piece of painter's tape over each nail at the diagonal half way point. Then I painted a second colour and had James remove the tape. I dotted the first colour over the edge of the second colour and visa versa. Looks like the colours are dripping into each other.

Because I publish in Magazines. I have to work at least half a year in advance. That's why, if you come to my house in the middle of July, you'll find us making Christmas sugar cookies! The red balls are chocolate chips. Yummmmmmm!

I spilled some icing. Lily can not abide spilled icing...

Lily approved!

Merry July!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rainbow Hair

I've had long dark dark brown hair now for a few years and really was tired of my everyday braids. I wear (wore) two braids almost daily to keep my hair untangled and off the back of my neck.
I messaged a local hairdresser (artist) Megan McDonald and gave her less than four hours to get ready to give me rainbow hair.

The day was chock a block full of unusual happenings. The sprinkler room at work sprung a leak, The locked door handle to the sprinkler room came off in my hand, Screws sheared off the housing for my tow motor.... All things considered, I think Megan did a phenomenal job!

She started by lifting the multiple applications of natural black box dye from my hair. She barely winced. Just tucked right in and pulled that colour out.

She chose some fantastic colours and began to map out a colour arrangement.

Look at all that cello! I look like a Christmas sweet!
She kept the colours true and separate. Some amazing on the spot thinking I must say.

Then the power went out!
That's right! No power or lights. Megan's family came to the rescue! Her husband rigged up a light to the family van and we all hunkered down on the porch. Megan gae me a stellar layered cut while her kids handed clips and made sure we were well looked after.

This really is a great cut! Never mind the fact that she had to make do with a construction spotlight and weather. Look at those colours!!!

This is after a blow dry and style. Notice the HUGE SMILE!

Such a load of colour! I've always wanted to be a magical rainbow.

This is the next day after some pin curls.

I think the purple is my favorite.
Check out Megan's page for some other gorgeous styles. Can't thank her enough. So Happy!