Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Matchy Shirts for Grandpa and Beastie

I used James' current shirt pattern and a 1950's boys pj top to make Beastie's shirt from this super cute nursery rhyme fabric that James picked out. I added piping and bibs to both shirts. 

This is Grandpa's shirt. I added blue buttons and piping from quilting scraps.

The 1950's pj pattern only had a one piece collar so I had to add the neck pieces like Grandpa's shirt. I also added details like pockets flaps (that were a bit too big but no one cares),collar piping and bib details to match his.

I think he was pretty happy with it.

They sure enjoy dressing up together.
The only real difference between the two shirts (other than size) is grandpa's buttons are blue and Beastie's are pink.

The blue brings out their eyes!!!

Just in case you were worried, I'm not neglecting myself. I made myself a new house dress too. But not so matchy....

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