Tuesday, January 4, 2011

BJD Bones

every time my hands are busy, the cat steals my tea.

Here's the evenings progress.
Most of the surface sanding is done for the rough in. I can start sculpting the details next. I also have to drill out the inside cavities to accept the ball joints.
Should be fun?

BJD Update. Rough Sculpt

Here is the rough sculpt of my ball jointed doll.
I have used FIMO polymer clay.
She is just simple tubes and hips and a hollow torso so far.

I used knitting needles (metal, NOT plastic) to form the tubes that will be cut down and re sculpted to make the arms and legs.
Everything but the head has been baked at 250 for 10 minutes.
Getting the knitting needles out is tough. You have to work quickly. Hold the knitting needle with pliers and the clay with an oven mitt. Pull the tube of clay off the knitting needle using a twisting motion.

Here are the separate pieces so far.
Remember this is just an armature, everything will be re sculpted, either shaved away or added to with more clay and re baked.

Here are the arm and leg tubes taken off of the knitting needles.

The torso rough in.

Torso from the bottom, showing the hole from the neck to the hip area.

Torso from the side showing the arm / shoulder hole.

The hip rough in.

The hips from the top showing the Y shaped holes from the hip area to the legs.

The hips from the bottom showing the holes for the legs through to the hips.