Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Hug a Dirty Bunny.

We got Maggs a special treat. We fell deeply in love with these
Dirty Bunnies
created by artist
Amanda Louise Spayd
I can't say enough about how imaginative this lady is. Her work is so beautiful and playful I simply couldn't resist this little nubbin of adorableness.
I also have great respect for her as a business woman, her artful limited pre-order sales are genius. Enough gushing.... you judge how amazing she is for yourselves.

Seriously....... how cute is this little guy?
He came with two scatter pins that are molar teeth all tucked inside this little hand made bag.

My only fear is that while wearing it we'll walk into things because we're too busy looking at him. I think he has become the face of that little voice that tells us to do naughty things.

Maggs is making noises about putting him on a hair bow to wear in her hair.
Can't thank you enough Amanda.
We all smile in your general direction.