Monday, February 14, 2011

White Lace Stiletto Nails.

I missed having stiletto nails.
So I removed my green and blue spring nails.

Contrary to popular belief, wearing acrylic nails does not ruin your natural nails. Ripping the acrylics off ruins your natural nails. So if you get acrylics have the patients to remove them properly. My nails look pretty good for almost two years of acrylic wear (give or take a week here and there). I filed off the spring acrylics and gave myself a manicure and some primer.

Here are the steps I took to make the stiletto nails:

I used a semi opaque pinkish powder and liquid to build up and extend my natural nail beds. Stiletto nails look best on long nail beds I think.

I made a smile line with white opaque powder and liquid.

I made what I'm gonna call horns of white coming from the smile line to the tip of the extension.

Here is the second little horn coming from the smile line and heading up to the tip.

I filled all the open space on the free edge with clear sparkle mix.

I capped the whole thing in clear acrylic powder and liquid.

I used a fine paintbrush and some white watercolour to make some jittery lines that end in a part swirl on the nail bed. I also made some dots. I couldn't help myself.

I coated the whole thing with clear UV gel and set a rhinestone on each nail.
I do like me some bling.

Here is a shot with flash so you can see them a bit better. It's hard to get a good shot of monotone nails, especially on shadowy days like this.