Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Breakfast was peach and blue cheese pancakes with extra thick cut bacon. Halloween (everyday) coffee mug made by Big Duluth Creative Studios.

Halloween baking was delicious. We had red velvet cupcakes with orange flavor icing and peanut butter and sea salt cookies.

We had some delicious spooky pasta shapes with meat sauce and cheese for our lunch

Our spider egg sack potatoes turned out very well this year. We put them under the broiler to brown up before we served them.

Two arachnid roasts made it to the table and I'm sorry to say there were absolutely no leftovers this year.

There were a heap of pumpkins to carve and everyone had a go. Sebastian got to gobble up some stray pumpkin bits. They're his favorite treat.

Lily loved to pull the seeds out of the pumpkins. Sooooo gooey!

Some of our frightening jacks that made it to the porch.

We are having some spectacularly lovely weather. Hope you're having a fantastic fall too!