Thursday, March 22, 2012

The March Hare.

Here's a really simple Easter Brooch to make with the kids. 

Things you'll need to make this piece:

Basic sculpting tools
paper towels
Acrylic paint in pink, a flesh tone, black and white
several small paint brushes
white glue
pink sparkles
E6000 jewelry adhesive
Large brooch back

Roll out a 5cm ball of clay and flatten it onto your work surface. I work on parchment paper because it's so easy to clean up.

Make two worms and attach them to the top of the flattened ball to make ears. Blend the seam where the clay meets by gently rubbing with a damp piece of paper towel.

I used my finger nail inside the damp paper towel as a sculpting tool. I made a ridge just inside the edge of the flattened clay ball.

I used my stylus tool to make a smile. You can use a pencil tip if you don;t have a stylus.

Next I drew some eyes and eyebrows. Keep everything smooth by cleaning the surface of sculpting debris with a damp paper towel.

I rolled a small ball of clay for the nose and stuck it right there in the middle of the face. Let this dry overnight.

Paint the bunny suit part of the brooch any colour you'd like. I chose pink.

Colour in the skin any fleshy tone you think will work.

After the paint is dry, add a coat of white glue to the bunny suit and sprinkle glitter over it. Let it dry and add a second coat of glue and glitter if you want to.

Paint in the eye nose and mouth details using a fine brush

Leave a thin black edge around each eye and fill the center in with white.

Add a black dot to the middle of each eye.

I also added a fleck of white to the top right corner of each pupil to add a gleam of light. Use a soft brush to drybrush some pink onto the apple of each cheek. Dry brushing is easy.... Dab a teeny bit of paint onto the tip of your soft brush and rub most of it off by painting in circles onto your pallet paper. When you have most of the paint off of the brush you can swirl it over face again and again until a thin soft bit of colour begins to show up.

Add a brooch to the back of the piece and voila..... you have a cute festive brooch to wear over the Easter Holiday.