Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Mom Bird!

Here is Maggs Making Grandma have eyebrows and eyelashes. Maggs is the expert on these things in our house.

Mom is gluing on the bottom beak.

and now the top one.

There you go then. A side view of the beak on.

Mom adding some feathery goodness to the edge of the beak.

The whole shabang!
Mom looks great in my stuff.

This shows how we did the pumpkins with depth. Poke holes into the pumpkin to mark the pattern then scrape away the skin layer inside the pattern. We created depth by putting a light inside the pumpkin and scraping away flesh to create lighter and darker areas.

Halloween bread. I burnt the tops of the white loaves because we got a surprise Halloween visitor!
Auntie Shelley rang the back doorbell dressed as a gray dragon princess!
Best Halloween EVER!!!