Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More About Polymer Clay Canes For Nail Art

Here are a few examples of the canes I've made for nails and how I have used them. There are two cane tutorials linked from the archives. I have made a tutorial for the citrus canes and another for the basic skull cane.

Day of he dead sugar skull cane is rimmed in translucent clay so you can't see the background as easily on the nail.

The flowers are rimmed in translucent but the leaves were shaped in triangles so there would be no background. I thin these ones are my favorite.

The red roses are rimmed in black clay that matches the coil detail inside the cane. It looks best on a black nail base.

Hearts with a translucent wrap.

The bats and jack o lanterns are very basic and were some of my very first canes. The bats were wrapped in glow in the dark.

A tutorial for making the skull cane

Any requests for new cane tutorials?