Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Spot of Surgery and Some Knitting

Thought I'd better let you folks know why I've been away from the blog. I've had a spot of abdominal surgery. Nothing serious, just some maintenance work. I'll be fine and back to work in five or six weeks. In the meantime I'll be poking my head in here with wee hand made projects that don't require any lifting or long periods of sitting upright.

Found this bootie pattern online from a vintage knitting book called Beehive for Bairns. Both of my girls wore these when they were teensy people. I just had to make at least one pair for our Lily.

I've been having bouts of photo editing too. Just spurts really. None are finished well because I can't stick with things very long yet before I lose my energy and need to rest.

I'll be cuddling Lily if anyone needs me!