Monday, November 29, 2010

Gel Nail inside a Gel Nail Experiment.

I decided it was time to change the nails. I like the blue and the stilleto shape but decided they were a bit too short.

I made a swirly blue and white french nail with gel, then capped it off with some clear gel and sparkles. Looks a bit like a nail floating inside another one.

Maybe you can see it better from the side?
I also added a lace smile line sticker.

Underneath it all. Looks like a dogs breakfast but at least you can see what's going on. I think the idea has possibilities. I might just sculpt some goldfish in there and add some seaweed.
What do you think?

Here is a video of our friendly neighbourhood Squnk. It's just a squirel with a white tail, but he's a master of disquise. No one will mess with him just in case he really is related to the smelly black and white kitty.

Wonder why his tail is white?

Anyone know?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sock Dreams Purchase!

I made a fun online purchase that I thought I would share with you all.

I ordered six pair of socks from a company called
Sock Dreams.
Three pair for me and three pair for Maggs. Maggs got the stripey ones and the purple pair and mine are grey, rust and green. The rust and green socks are called over the knee socks and they do come to just over my knee, but the rest are thigh highs.


....and they are thigh high!
I can pull them way up to the top of my leg and make them look like tights if I want to wear them with a skirt, or I can cuff them like this and wear them with leggings and a long top.

I Love these socks.
They were reasonably priced and look and feel like they will last forever....... the shipping was quick and trackable however shipping fees were half of the order price. The socks came to just about $60.00 and the shipping was almost $30.00. I wish there were an option for cheaper shipping, I'd order from them every month if there were.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Twig?

This year we are going for a retro upscale Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Not something you can just purchase at the local Canadian Tire store. We're gonna make one!

First we found the old galvanized bucket we had kickin around.
We filled the bucket with pebbles and stuck the twigs in there. Then we poured plaster of paris over the pebbles and twigs to hold things more firmly.

Got some cheap white spray paint from the hardware store and started spraying.............. and spraying..........and spraying...................... well...... you get the point. It took a while.

I covered my hand with a bread bag so I wouldn't need to soak in solvent before work to get rid of the paint. It worked well, gloves would have been better and not gotten in the way of the nozzle so often.

Huge Tip!
Wait for a day that's not windy. Most of the paint blew away but I got several face fulls of white and my hair should have been covered. I look like I've had a sudden shock and now have grey patches.

Here is our Christmas twig inside. We're going to have it right in the front window.

We added turquoise, green and silver balls first.

Here we've added red balls, turquoise birds and some mirror snowflakes but it's hard to see. Sorry about the picture quality I've been really frustrated by camera problems.

Mom put our home made elves from a few years ago on the tree as a joke. She thought I wouldn't like them........ But I do! I like them on there. What do you think? Are the elves too kitchy?

** Edited to add project completion pics**

Mr. Jimmy and I went to Canadian Tire and purchased three strands of 100 light white chorded tree lights. We picked the warm white glow. I think we still need 50 more lights or so. The branch in the back didn't get any lights at all.

Here is a progress shot of the mantle this year. Mom made the cool paper drifty snow and put the Elf dolls I made her years ago up on top of her new polar bears.

Sebastian isn't sure what to make of this inside the house tree. I hope he doesn't get too confused.

He's a cutie........ Maybe if we bribe him with treats he won't use our Christmas tree as a pottie.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Breadmaking and a Special Momento Mori.

Wanted to share something with you today. It's getting closer to Christmas and we'll soon be making things for each other as gifts. I wanted to start sharing some of the gifts we've made for each other in the past and I'm starting with my favorite first.

I made this a few years ago for my Mom. It is a remember doll, and is a portrait of my Grandma. She was pretty fabulous and we miss her a bunch.

I printed a picture of Grandma onto some Lazertran Silk and transfered the image onto some flattened transparently coloured Fimo soft. Then I wrapped the Fimo with the face image around an unbaked egg shape of Fimo soft and blended it into a smooth head shape being careful not to smudge the image. I baked it and built the hat and body after. This little doll sits in the living room most of the time but at Christmas she is our tree angel.

Mr Jimmy has never made bread.....


I know!!!!
So I'm showing him how today!

He's really getting into the kneading part. he said that it's therapeutic.

He seems to be enjoying it a bit too much?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things of today.... or what to do with a day off.

I got the day off work!!!
got up good and early........ er.... um.... if you consider 9:30 am early.

I'm making some delicious whole wheat - flax seed - sunflower seed bread.

Whole wheat bread recipe

Here is the recipe I used.... and altered.

I replaced 3/4 cup of white flour for ground flax seed.
I added 1/4 cup of molasses.
I added 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds.

We've put ourselves on a budget....... been spending WAY too much on groceries. We figure we'll save a few bucks by making our own bread two or three times a week. It's not even that hard or time consuming and it smells sooooooo good!!!

We are also trying to loose weight. Halloween always leaves us with a few more pounds on the rump roast than we need. I'm also still dealing with body changes after the gallbladder loss and the quitting of smoking. I'm getting round!
The bread baking might not be helping us lose weight.

Fully baked delicious bread! Seriously, I wish you guys could smell this!

I know I should wait till meal time but I just can't.
Sooooooooo good!

I have pointed out my blue mylar nails of the previous week. I do love me the stiletto shape.

I tried to get a close up of the thumbso you can see the sparklie mylar, sea shells and gold leaf embedded in there but it came out blurry. I need to put some surface paint on these ones soon.

Here is the first Christmas Fascinator. I got the blingie festiveness from Michaels craft store and put it all together with E6000 jewlery glue. It's on a hair clip so I can wear it in my hair or on my work coat as a brooch.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Roses Added.

Here are the roses and veining I add3d to the blue mylar and seashell with gold leaf nails.

The nails are built out of gel and the flowers are sculpted from acrylic liquid and powder. Each petal seems to intersects the previous row at about the same spot in each flower. I think they look almost like the seashell flowers in Asian art..... or like goldfish scales.

It's the eleventh day of the eleventh month.
Remembrance day.
Just wanted to take a second and say thanks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Transitional Nails.

I have removed all traces of Halloween art from my nails.

I used gels to encase some pretty mylar, seashells and gold leaf flakes.

I think they look icy. Like the weather. I want to put some white veins or scales into these ones. We'll see what happens, I'm too busy visiting right now.
Maybe tomorrow.