Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Here is a whole whack of Halloweenie type pics. We've had a fantastic time the last few weeks. From spooky snacks to costume experiments.

Lily trying out the candy bowl for size.

We filled it right up!

I was The Flying Nun and Mr. Jimmy was The Pope.
James made his own hat! I sewed up a gown for him and my hat was stitched together. My smock was from the Bride of Frankenstein from a few years back.

I made some Mini Di Virgini cakes (or Nun's Tits!!!) They were lovely white sponge with ricotta filling and an almond paste coating with a rum soaked cherry nipple. I was beat out, (rightly so!) by some delicious chocolate covered bacon brought by Nicole (She was dressed as a piggy).

Maggie made the Birthoween boy this mini altered monk statuette. She added some horns and a tail because the monk was being naughty and passing judgement. Maggs used STAEDTLER Fimo Professional to make the alterations to the monk. After she baked the piece I painted it out to match with some Genesis heat set oil paint.

Maggie made Austin and herself these fantastic masks.

She did a bit of makeup too!

We gave Lily heaps of choices for her Halloween costume. She decided that she was going to be a spider.

Even though she had a nasty head cold she managed to have a fantastic time.
I think she makes a pretty cute tarantula....
Hope you all had a great Halloween too!