Saturday, June 10, 2017

Grandpa Shirts into Beastie Overalls

We have a few Grandpa shirts that were purchased in the wrong size. They are brand new! But no one can use them.... So we decided to re-make them into Beastie clothes!

Chopped the arms off of this shirt and turned them into legs for a set of overalls.

Took the labels from the original shirt..... It's a penguin! Like the rat pack wore..... Shame it didn't fit Grandpa.... Would have been swank in it.... But the Beastie overalls are pretty swank themselves. 

Momma Beast made us a wonderful dinner this week! It was full of sooooo much delicious! She made salmon for me and sausage for Grandpa. He's allergic to the fishies. Beastie loved everything especially the spinach, watermelon and cherry salad.

We went to the market and visited the goaties. These two always have the best conversations.

Made this little playset from some thrifted blue and white eyelet, an old Irish linen table runner and a vintage hankie for the pocket. These only take a couple of hours to put together. I'll make heaps more of these for summer. Make do and mend!