Friday, March 8, 2013

Revisiting an Old Technique. Photo Transfer Portrait Dolls

These are some dolls I made and taught more than a decade ago. I used Lazertran transfer paper to put an image onto the unbaked STAEDTLER fimo clay and made these portrait dolls with the results.

This is my Grandma Maggie. 
I made this doll shortly after she died and I missed her (still do) terribly. 
She has been the angel for our Christmas tree almost every year since.
She's kind of a memento mori.
She offers little mental hugs when I'm feeling down.

She sits on a shelf in our living room the rest of the year. 
She's watching us and keeping us in check.
She would have NEVER worn a get up like this and I fully expect to pay for my transgressions when I see her again.
She has a full wire armature cotton wrapped body construction and is completely pose-able.

Here is the same thing done with a copyrite free postcard image.

I'm thinking it's time to remake this idea.