Monday, May 2, 2011

A Surprisingly Good Day!

It was a great day today. I voted on my lunch break and everything went smoothly. While at work I was surprised by fellow craft fanatic Deb
(She has surprised me before).
After work I went to the post and Mr. Jimmy's surprise was there. I also received my copy of the current Polymer Cafe with my nest and eggs on the cover!

This really is a great issue. It has some really beautiful and technically complex projects in it. I can't wait till tea time to cuddle up with it.

Here is the surprise Deb showed up with. How cute is this little guy? He makes me smile every time I look at him. It was designed and hand hooked by Ruth Emerson of Grimsby, Ontario. Thanks again Deb! This little guy is totally cheering me even in this rainy glum weather.

Here is Mr. Jimmy's surprise! I love it!
I got the plate and bowl from
It didn't take very long at all to get here especially when you consider the pieces were custom made.