Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visions of Halloween Past.

I have SOOOOOO MANY Halloween pictures and projects from the past. It is difficult to know what to post. So I'm going to just post things, without sorting them into categories. I like randomness!
Hope you do too.

This is Maggie's Obitsu BJD Gretel. She is always dressed for the holidays. Maggie makes sure she is lurking decoratively somewhere in the background.

Maggie's first prosthetic. We kept it simple. Made her a pair of latex ear tips and painted her metallic green. The ear tips are easy peasy to make. Just repeatedly dip and let dry a large plastic dollar store spoon into some liquid latex. Keep making layers and letting them dry until you have something that looks pointy. Peel the dry point off of the spoon and apply it to your ear with spirit gum and paint it out to match your skin tone.
and POOF! you're a Fairy!

Some of our pumpkins past.

Maggie's zipper eye from last year. She completed this look all by herself. She watched some tutorials online and went to town. (So PROUD!) She won a prize.