Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Decorating..... very late this year!

Mom and I did a big Halloween decoration push today.
We've been busy with other things and we are about two weeks behind. Usually the place has been gussied up for weeks by now.

We used hot glue to stick styrofoam skeleton parts to the front yard tree. Then we added a plastic cape and a sword........ he kind of looks like he might be a ring wraith.

Here is the house so far. There will be more closer to the big night.

Mom got some plastic skull head decorations from the dollar store. We cut out the eye socket parts and put red plastic in there and wrapped it around the front porch light.

A little table vignette. The candelabra has a little purple sparkle spider in a black sparkle web. We have to carve the pumpkins yet and add the giant bowl of candy.

Porris Bentspine is all ready for the festivities. He is holding a Hubbard squash that will be soup soon. It will be replaced by a Jack o Lantern and he will probably be moved to the lawn.
I apologize once again for the blurry pictures, I'm still having problems with the camera.