Sunday, May 1, 2016

Magg's Has a Birthday and There's Cake!

Here are some shots of Maggie's Birthday Cake and Lily.
I haven't made piping roses fro ages but really loved making these.
I'll have to put some time aside to play with them again soon. It was really pretty relaxing.

Lily spent ages just sniffing them. Because that's what you do with flowers.

She figured out what they were for soon enough! Her Mommy didn't mind sharing the first bite. One of her Daddy's favorite things are icing flowers. Looks like Lily has the same genetic predisposition.

Lily and George have many conversations. I try to document as many as I can. Our George is getting up there. He's almost 16 now. He's still the guardian of the neighborhood, keeping the local wildlife off of his porch. 

She's always swiping our specs..... She probably wonders why she doesn't have her own like the rest  of us. 
Off to the shops in Stratford today to gather up supplies and work shoes. Maybe a burger or two....
Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!