Monday, October 4, 2010

More Halloweenie Costume Build Fun!

I've been busy!
I found a fabulous site with instructions and a pattern generator for corsets. Easy peasy to use, and FREE!
A HUGE thank you to Drea Leed, who I believe built this generator!
I am having problems contacting her via her email link. If any of you use the generator please contact Drea and let her know how it worked for you.
I'll keep trying to get her!

Custom Corset Generator

Here is the paper pattern I made using the generator in about ten minutes!

I used a cut open shopping bag as they suggested. It was the perfect size.

This is the inside of my corset. The right side is quilted black fabric cut from the bottom of a coat.
I have hand stitched the two layers together using a contrasting thread so I can see it to remove it later. I did this to avoid using pins to hold the piece together while I sew my channels for my "boning".

This is the plastic I decided on to make my boning. Two of my fabulous work mates spotted it. THANKS GIRLS!!!
It is the plastic shelf covers used to hold tags. I have some trimming to do, but I think these will work just fine.

This is the plastic all ready. I trimmed the edges off and cut the pieces in half. Then I rounded the ends so they wouldn't poke me through the fabric.

Here is the prosthetic piece so far. I have about twelve layers of latex on it now. Eight layers have been tinted with black latex craft paint and I have two layers of loo paper and one layer of paper toweling in there somewhere to give the piece support.