Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy Daisy Nail Art and Some Thrify Finds

I've got sculpting length nails again. Makes it a little bit easier to work out detailed clay designs. I decided plain red nails were boring and slapped on some turquoise polish. I used my stylus tool to add some white and pink dots and protected everything with a couple clear coats.

I have a heck of a time typing with short nails. My fingers feel stubby and really sausagy. I hit way too many keys at the same time. But it really is much easier to do detailed work like beading or embroidery with little almond shaped nails than it is with my beloved stiletto nails.


how I suffer for my craft.....


I scored these awesome unblemished table linens at our local Sally Anne shop this week. I have been neglecting my thrift store shopping. It was exciting to go and browse through the treasures. I must make a point to go more often. I hope I didn't miss anything.