Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow News

Just thought I'd share with you what we deal with on a daily basis here in Artario.

The local High school has had four snow days in the last two weeks.

This is the path into our side yard.
I know icicles like this mean we're losing heat through the roof.
But ain't they pretty?

This is the other side of our yard.
Driving has been interesting.
I couldn't get gas last night because the local gas stations ran out.
Took some from the lawnmower stash in the shed.

Just a few miles from here the highways were closed because of the snow and the people who were stranded were airlifted out by helicopter.

Last but not least, this shows just how light and airy our snow is.
It's not even bending the littlest branches over.

What's it look like in your neck of the woods?